• As an undergraduate student, I worked with Professors Abdoun and Zimmie on a research project to determine why the levees failed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Today I am working on my PhD dissertation, testing the geotechnical integrity of the proposed flood walls in the New Orleans levee system, and mentoring other undergraduates with their research.
    Anthony Tessari,

    PhD, Civil Engineering (expected 2012), BS, Civil Engineeering '06 , MS, Civil Engineeering '07
    Research Topic: Testing the geotechnical integrity of the proposed flood walls in the New Orleans levee system.

  • My initiation project for Tau Beta Pi was implementing Project Mindset, a program for introducing math and science to 6-8th graders. We meet every week, after school and the results have been amazing. This experience gave me the confidence to pursue other leadership roles. Now I am President of Tau Beta Pi working hard to expand Project Mindset.
    Chelsea Ehlert

    BS, Materials Science and Engineering Class of '13
    President, Tau Beta Pi

  • Working with Professor Coppens, I am developing a nature-inspired PEM fuel cell. The architecture mimics key transport characteristics seen in trees and the human lung. A combination of theoretical modeling and experiments indicates this novel design is more efficient than traditional PEM fuel cells.
    Jeffrey Alan Marquis

    PhD, Chemical Engineering (expected 2013)
    BS, Chemical Engineering '08

    Research Topic: Improving fuel cell efficiency.

  • I joined the Rensselaer Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) when I was a freshman. Now SHPE is like an extended family. This year I'll be serving as Vice President and SHPE Junior Coordinator—a program where we give underrepresented high-school students a chance to see their future in engineering.
    Vienna Yee

    BS, Chemical Engineering Class of '14

    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – Rensselaer, Vice President and SHPE Junior Coordinator


A Rensselaer education is challenging, interactive, and highly relevant.

Our comprehensive educational and research programs cut across academic disciplines, giving students the opportunity to learn and to grow into world leaders in their chosen fields.

Unique Student Opportunities

  • Better World Engineering →

    We provide opportunities for students to engage in sustainable engineering, renewable energy, and energy efficient lighting and transportation.

  • Manufacturing Innovation→

    The Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (MILL) is the foundation for an emerging effort in undergraduate eduction in nanomanufacturing and other advanced manufacturing technologies at Rensselaer

  • Research Experience →

    Rensselaer's Undergraduate Research Program (URP) provides real-world, hands-on research experience for students like you.

  • The Design Lab →

    The O.T. Swanson Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory delivers real-world engineering experience for undergraduates that integrates multidisciplinary design solutions.

  • Study Abroad (REACH) →

    REACH provides international opportunities for undergraduates, including semester-long study abroad and exchange opportunities, short-term and faculty-led international programs, and other international experiences such as internships and service learning.

  • Emerging Ventures Ecosystem →

    Students have access to entrepreneurial related classes, to lab facilities, faculty, and business advisors who can help shape and guide success, and even funding sources from grants, business plan competitions and possible Angel investments.

Student Research

Student-Led Organizations

  • Formula SAE student team

    Formula SAE puts students in real-life design situations and offers experience that can not be learned from a textbook.

  • Engineerings for a Sustainable World

    Students engineer solutions to social, environmental, and economic problems, both domestic and foreign, in the most sustainable way possible.

  • Solar Car Racing Team

    The Solar Car Racing Team designs a completely solar-powered to race against other all-electric student-built vehicles.

Student Resources

  • Women in Engineering→

    Rensselaer's women in engineering programs offer a host of opportunities for exceptional women to prepare and succeed in today's technologically advanced and culturally diverse workforce.

  • Under-Represented Minorities→

    Our underrepresented minority students are breaking barriers to create diverse teams of technological leaders.

  • Student Leadership→

    The Archer Center for Student Leadership Development gives engineering students a firm foundation in leadership and communication skills.

Student Outreach

  • Design Your Future Day→

    Through fun, dynamic and interactive sessions, this day is designed to spark interest in high-tech fields and to provide encouragement for young women to pursue technical careers.

  • Exploring Engineering Day→

    Student-led activities are designed to spark the interest of young children in engineering and computer science through hands-on exploration

  • Engineering Ambassadors→

    Rensselaer's Engineering Ambassadors (EA) inspire a younger audience to explore the role of engineers in society.

More on outreach