Welcome to The Hub!

The Hub is the starting point for engineering advising, where first and second year students may receive reliable advising in support of their academic success and professional goals.
Elizabeth Herkenham – Director

As a first or second year engineering student, The Student Service Hub is your friendly “go to place” for all types of academic and career related questions. At The Hub you will find answers to a variety of academic curriculum-related questions, plus receive valuable career planning assistance. The team at The Hub is specially trained to supplement the support you will receive from your faculty advisor. They have been trained within all engineering majors, course requirements i.e. HAAS, and registrar protocol, etc. Below is the list of staff members and their area of expertise if you have specific questions related to any engineering major.

At the Hub, you will work with trained faculty and staff.


The Hub Staff Spring 2017

What questions or discussion can be explored at the Hub?

  • How do I declare a Major?
  • How do I change my Major? If I change my Major, what impact will it have on my courses?
  • How much latitude do I have with managing my schedule within a specific major?
  • What courses do I need to fulfill a dual Major?
  • When would be the best time to consider studying abroad or participate in a co-op within my specific major?
  • Am I fulfilling my Humanities & Social Science Requirements by taking this particular course?
  • How to I proceed with acquiring approval for an independent study?
  • How do I pursue an Undergraduate Research Project?
  • What other services are on campus to help me succeed academically, professionally and interpersonally?

Inaugural Session of 2017 Summer Arch for Class of 2019 Students – Check it out!

Summer Arch, what is it?

Summer Arch is a restructuring of the Rensselaer academic calendar that will create exciting opportunities for experiential learning (through co-ops, internships, research, civic engagement, travel abroad, and more) to better prepare Rensselaer students for 21st century technological careers, as well as graduate or professional school. As a Summer Arch participant you will 

  • Spend the summer following your sophomore year on campus in an immersive small-group learning environment taking courses towards your degree and participating in co- and extra-curricular activities. 
  • Spend a semester during the junior year away from campus pursing valuable personal and professional experiential opportunities: co-ops, internships, research, entrepreneurship, study/travel abroad, and service activities. 


  • An exciting opportunity for experiential learning that prepares you for future career and allows you to explore your professional and personal passions. 
  • A unique summer semester that includes exciting co-curricular activities including trips to local companies, exploration of the Adirondacks and local culture, and more. 
  • Enhanced access to faculty and staff, smaller student to faculty ratios.

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